Review: Majolica Majorca Brow Customize Powder

A few days ago I picked up a few things from the Majolica Majorca shelf at the drugstore. Majolica Majorca is sub-brand of Shiseido (they have many!) and is cheaply-priced (especially compared to other Japanese brands). Despite the price tag, most reviews attest to the high quality of Majolica Majorca’s products – especially the blushes and eye shadows.

I bought three things: Extreme Makeover Reshaper Cheek Blush RD255, Brow Customize Powder in BR 660, and an empty compact that can fit either 1 blush in it or 2 eye shadows.

Today I’m reviewing the Brow Customize Powder. To start though I’m obliged to say that I am not au fait with the intricacies of eyebrow make-up; while I realise groomed eyebrows make a huge difference to one’s face, I’ve always favoured going for ‘fun’ make-up instead. On top of that, when I have looked into brow products they seem to be the wrong shade, or too obvious etc. so my eyebrows have been somewhat ignored. This brow powder looked interesting: it came in pen form whereas most brow powders I’ve seen are in a pan; also when I swatched it on my hand I could see that it was very soft and natural looking, like it would be difficult to go wrong with it. So I got it in BR660.

The item itself doesn’t look like much: it is about the length of my thumb and the casing is very plain, it doesn’t even have the name on it! This is because it is, as the name suggests, ‘customisable’. As well as the powder you can buy a ‘Super Thin Eyebrow Cartridge’ a ‘Slant Cut Eyebrow Cartridge’ and a pretty gold holder that can hold two of the brow products – one on each end. For more info on what each does click here for the Majolica Majorca website.

My initial impressions were correct: this powder is very easy to apply. It’s difficult to go wrong and if you do make a mistake then with a little pressure you can move the powder to where you want it. The powder is in the lid of the product, so to get more on the applicator you just dip it back in. The chunky applicator is really good for the main part of the eyebrows but requires a little more care at the outer corners because then it can be a bit clumsy. I guess this is why Majolica Majorca expect you to buy two products – one for the main part of the brow, the other for finer areas.


Because you can correct mistakes easily with your finger, I worried that this powder wouldn’t last very long. I also worried that it might just spread downwards if it came in contact with any oil on my skin (Sssh! I’ve never used brow powder before, I don’t know if this happens or not!). I was actually pleasantly surprised. When I checked on it about 5 hours after application (40 minute bike ride included) it still looked as if I had just applied it. There was some fading towards the end of the day and now (14 hours after application) it could do with a touch-up. However if I look closely I can see that much of it is still there, and my eyebrows still look quite well-groomed. Another good thing about the ‘pen form’ of this powder is that it is so easy to apply more during the day, you don’t have to mess around with brushes and compacts, you just draw on your face.

The colour range is very limited but I’ve swatched them all for reference. First, here is a more detailed swatch of the one I have (BR660).

Now, all 4 colours

BR771 is darker than BR660 but they have the same undertone I’d say. In this picture BR660 looks a tiny bit red but I don’t see that at all in reality. BR793 is very very red-toned brown; I’m not sure who has eyebrows this colour but it is one of the reddest eyebrow products I’ve seen, so if you have trouble finding red shades, this one is for you. BR782 is golden. It actually has a slight mustard tint to it , there is hardly any red at all in this shade.

I would highly recommend this product if you’re new to eyebrow care. I’ve tried brow powders from pans before but they just seemed more difficult to use and I often ended up messing up how much I put on, or where I put it. This product is foolproof and gives a nice soft finish to my eyebrows. If you are more skilled in the eyebrow department then this pen could be useful (if you find a match) to carry around with you as it’s more convenient to reapply.

Adambeauty is selling this product for $55 HK which is about £4.50/$7.10. I think that’s pretty reasonable for this brow powder and I would buy it again if I needed to.

For more info on buying Japanese (and Asian in general) products online check out this post over on Cosmetic Candy.

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