Review: Fiberwig Extra Long Mascara

From my post on mascara smudging you’ll know that I am restricted to using tubing mascaras. That’s fine with me as I like their formula, but the main problem I’ve found with the ones I’ve tried so far is that, while they do coat the lashes well, they do very little else. Staying power was my top concern so it didn’t bother me too much that the tubing mascaras I was using lacked the oomph of normal mascara. I assumed that it was impossible to have a mascara that was both tubing and dramatic. That’s where Fiberwig Extra Long comes in. It’s a tubing mascara but it has these weird little fibres on it that get added to your lashes  to make them look longer.

On the packaging the mascara is hailed as ‘paint-on false eyelashes’ that lengthens and defines each lash. It comes off with warm water and ‘without becoming a panda’ (don’t you just hate it when that happens?).

On the back of the pack it reiterates all that and adds 3 tips:

1) Fiberwig won’t come off with your everyday eye-makeup remover, so don’t rub it too much and use warm water instead.

2) Curling lashes should be done after application and when the mascara has dried. [Usually the advice is to curl before mascara application, but perhaps because Fiberwig is tubing it’s ok to curl them after? I’m not sure as I don’t curl my eyelashes.]

3)  If you’ve made a mistake when applying [as I often do] the best thing is to do is to rub gently with a cotton bud after it has dried.

Fiberwig Extra Long Mascara has better staying power than any other tubing mascara I’ve tried (including Blinc). Even with eye powder Blinc would sometimes flake a tiny bit – not enough to be a problem though – whereas I have yet to notice a single flake or smudge in 2 weeks of using Fiberwig (and the weather has been gross and sticky – ideal for smudging!). Yup, just examined my eyes in the mirror and all the mascara is on my lashes, nowhere else. So I guess this means Fiberwig gets a 10/10 for staying power. I’m reluctant to give it full marks because of my limited experience with tubing mascaras but rationally, if there are no smudges or flakes after 14 hours of wear, could it really get much better?

I’d say this is Fiberwig Extra Long’s weakest area. The brush is quite bulky so coating lashes on in the inner and outer corners of the eyes without getting mascara on the surrounding skin can be quite difficult. Ideally I’d like my eyelashes to be longer at the outer corners but I have yet to achieve this with fiberwig because, though it has the perfect formula for this look, it’s hard to get a good coating on the harder-to-reach lashes. In general though, this does a good job of defining the lashes without sticking them all together, and I can’t say the same for some of the other tubing mascaras I’ve tried.

However, Fiberwig does offer something rare: the ability to build layers without losing definition or clumping. In fact you’re supposed to build it up. The more you build, the longer your lashes get because more fibres are being added on to them. Because my eyelashes are already quite long this can look a bit ridiculous, but for people with shorter lashes this is a total blessing. Usually I just go over my eyelashes once and get a little extra length and a natural look, but if I really want to add drama I apply more coats to get a more glamourous look.

So what rating should this be? I’ve never had a mascara that has built upon itself so well – most just clump or give me about 5 eyelashes when I try to layer them. So for that, Fiberwig gets a 10. However the brush is an issue, and when you fail to coat a whole lash – which can often happen with such a big brush – the eyelash ends up looking really spidery and weird. So let’s say that’s a 5 out of 10. Averaging them out would give us 7.5/10

As I said above, this really lives up to its name – it makes your eyelashes extra extra long. I do find that it can make my eyelashes look a little sparse though, but I suppose it’s not intended to be volumising. I was worried that the tiny fibres might look obvious (and weird) but I can’t notice them at all when I look in the mirror, they blend in completely. I’d give appearance an 8/10 because while it does lengthen, I think part of the reason my eyelashes look more sparse is because it doesn’t define all the lashes as well as I’d like.

I got the Extra Long version because that was the only one at the store, I would be interested in a volumising version (which I think is available but I can’t remember the name at the moment) as my eyelashes are already long. Even so, this mascara is the best tubing mascara I’ve tried so far and definitely worth the price. It is not, however, a natural-looking mascara. For that you could try Clinique Lash Power (though on me this was flakey and smudgey) or Blinc.

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